Nurse Mates Slip Resistance Explained

How important are steady and grounded feet in the medical field? The United States department for health and human services claimed that, second only to overexertion, slip, trips and falls made up a total of 25% lost workdays in the US health industry ( For example, a unsteady patient accidentally spills a glass of water next to their bed. With the fast pace of work that nurses are often engaged in, spilt water presents a potential hazard. This could result in all sorts workplace injuries, ranging from twisted ankles to a concussed head.

With this in mind, the importance of anti-slip footwear cannot be overstated. Due to liability reasons, some workplaces may even require you to wear a shoe that conforms to a certain level of slip-resistance.

With a focus on developing shoes for the average nurse and professional worker, Nurse Mates go to lengths to provide the industry with a shoe workers can be confident in.

Potential Hazards

The hospital, nursing home or any other health care facility can be a potentially messy place. Considering most facilities will: have a kitchen, a laundry, serve food, dispense medicines, there is, unfortunately, a risk of something going wrong. Consider the following:

•     Food and Water Spills

•     Grease and Oil Spills

•     Weather Issues e.g. rain or snow walked into a building


The same document from the department for health and human services established non-slip footwear as a viable means to reduce risk(1). It also stated, “All healthcare facility employees may benefit from slip-resistant shoes.”

Therefore, clearly this should be on the mind of not only the healthcare employees but also the companies that manufacture nursing shoes. Let’s take a look at what Nurse Mates have implemented for slip prevention methods.

Nurse Mates Slip Resistant Technology

Nurse Mates shoes are equipped with a material known and abbreviated as “EVA” for their shoe bottoms. It’s full scientific name is: Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, as you can see it’s a bit of a mouth full, but what sought of material is it? To simplify, it is basically a “expanding rubber”. You can find it in all sorts of fields, for example, it is used in fishing tackle and snowboard boots. So how does it help with slip-resistance? This rubber has grip properties that are perfect for slip-resistance in the workplace. Along with the EVA bottoms, Nurse Mates have created solid rubber inserts for extra grip and stick (See the image below).

Bottom Rubber Inserts - Nurse Mates Dove Shoes
Nurse Mates Bottom Rubber Inserts

There are also more added benefits to EVA: it is a very light, durable material and helps the shoe absorb the shock of your step.

One of the more popular nursing shoes in their range is the Nurse Mates Dove. One of their flag ship products it receives great customer feedback and has all the non-slip features discussed in this article… Check them out! Often the nursing shoes center has promotional coupons so it’s worth checking out this site.